Our biometric terminal offers a host of advantages including eliminating buddy clocking and removing the cost of consumables. With a range of options available, there are hardware solutions to suit all requirements. Our biometric solutions can be configured to work with all our products including iTime, iHR and iAccess.

Advantages of Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

Our fingerprint attendance terminal recognises an employee’s fingerprint, eliminating the need for swipe cards of fobs. Using fingerprint scanners for employees helps to prevent time fraud, as the fingerprints cannot be copied. There is also the added benefit of cutting the time spent manually adding hours for employees who have forgotten their card or fob.

Biometric Terminal Options

Accutouch fingerprint attendance terminal will be configured to suit your industry needs. There’s no need to worry about dirty, wet, dry or damaged fingerprints either – Accutouch can handle it. 

Our durable fingerprint attendance terminal benefits from:

  • Multispectral imaging optical sensor
  • Shatter-resistant IP65 sensor
  • Fast tap-and-go user interface
  • No loss of performance over broad temperature range


Accutouch provides fast enrolment without the fear of buddy clocking and other time fraud, after all, you can’t trick biometrics.

Biometric terminals also reduce the need for consumables, such as ID and key cards cutting down your overheads and admin time whilst increasing security.

Like our other hardware solutions, biometric fingerprint scanners can be combined with any of our software packages for additional benefits.

For example, when combined with our iAccess software solution, biometric terminals can enhance security systems by aiding movement control of employees, contractors and guests.

The access systems can be used to track movement of users based on their interactions with the terminals. Leave dates can be manually added for employees or contractors, which will remove their access permissions once the date has passed.

The Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Dirty fingerprints, dry fingerprints, wet fingerprints, damaged fingerprints… in the real world, almost any fingerprint condition can be quickly read by the Maximus AccuTouch thanks to the Lumidigm optical imager.

A biometric fingerprint scanner, or other biometric terminals, help improve workplace security. Installing a fingerprint attendance terminal or a fingerprint scanner for employees can make your workplace safer.

Key features include:

  • Durability
  • Speed
  • Tap-and-go user interface
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Multispectral imaging optical sensor
  • Shatter-resistant IP65 sensor


Biometric Terminal Considerations

Recording information using a biometric terminal is a very sensitive procedure and getting the right terminal for your environment is the key to its success. Over the years our team has gained a wealth of knowledge using different technologies and are on hand to recommend the best technology for your business.

Typically, customers should consider:

  • The cleanliness of the environment/employees and if any contaminants may affect the terminal.
  • Hygienic issues in healthcare or medical environments
  • Social and cultural acceptance of storing fingerprint and biometric data