Access Control Hardware

We’re proud to offer our customers an extensive range of access control hardware to fit your unique requirements. We constantly evaluate the products we offer to ensure they are the best possible access control solution to secure your business.

Access Cards

We provide a wide variety of smart card-based credentials such as cards, tags, and keyfobs.  Smart card technology makes access control more powerful, versatile and secure. The major benefit of using ID cards is the ability to know who is on your premises in real time, enabling you to restrict entry to only those staff and visitors who are entitled to have access. Time and zone restrictions can be set up on an access card to ensure that for example, a visitor can only access set doors between specific times. If a visitor or staff member was to lose a card then you can easily remove the card from your system to ensure security is not compromised.

Biometric Access Control

We have partnered with ZK Terminals to bring you the very best biometric access control and clocking terminal solution.

Biometric terminals recognise an employee’s fingerprint or other unique biometric data such as collagen content or vein patterns, removing the need for swipe cards of fobs.

Using biometrics does away with employee time fraud and ‘buddy clocking’ (clocking on behalf of a friend or colleague) as the fingerprint data cannot be copied. There is also the added benefit of cutting down time spent administrating hours for employees who have forgotten their clock card or fob.


Turnstiles, from full to half height, with a variety of finishes to suit all locations. Many other access control options are available from card & push button intercom, and keypad, providing secure entry and exit for restricted areas. Turnstiles provide secure access at the perimeter and internal sites and will help to control and monitor pedestrian or vehicle flow in high traffic areas. Our range of Car Park & Raised Arm Barriers are designed for standalone use or alongside Intelligent Access.


We offer a full range of both audio and video entry systems.  From Intercom systems to stylish LCD monitors with touchscreen technology, we can recommend and install the most suitable solution to fit your company requirements