Employee Screening Software

Protect your business from fraud and the cost of bad hires.

Intelligent Screening provides a user-friendly way to automatically and efficiently screen employees prior to employment.

The obvious and foremost reason to screen any potential employee is that it enables you as a company to follow the guidelines set out by different regulating bodies.

employee-screening-workflow Although screening cannot guarantee the future, it can provide a detailed insight into the past of any candidate; this then provides the employer with a greater quality of applicants and heightens confidence in the final employment decision.

An example employee screening solutionEssentially, pre-employment screening minimises any potential threats to your organisation, whilst eliminating the costs that can occurr due to the re-training and re-hiring of unsuitable candidates.

Typically a drop of 10-15% of job applicants is found on the realisation that pre-employment screening is in place. This is an indication that screening can act as a deterrent for fraudulent applicants, thus minimising the amount of time and money wasted in the recruitment process.

Intelligent Screening will enable you to:

  • Ensure the honesty and integrity of any potential employee
  • Reduce theft and fraud within the workplace
  • Comply with regulatory assurances and standards
  • Reduce time, money and energy spent on processing an un-hireable applicant
  • Ensure your directors are entitled to their directorship through disqualification checks

If you would like to see how Intelligent Screening can help your organisation with lowering costs, improving service delivery and making better decisions then please contact us now on 01793 715475

Reasons to screen your employees

This new online approach to screening and vetting your candidates enables the following:

 Creates a more professional look and feel for your business
 Automates checks, saving you time and money
 USP over your competition to advertise
 Quicker results
 Professional reporting
 Records stored online
 Easy to turn on and off
 No sign up fees


 Filling out paper forms
 1-2 day turnaround
 Losing records
 Forgetting to complete checks
 Placing candidates with no knowledge of their history

Using this product in conjunction with our Document Scanning Software will give you the edge when winning new business, as well as a more corporate look and feel, compared to your competitors.

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Screening & Vetting Downloads

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