Willerby Ltd

How an integrated solution reduced administration time

For over 70 years Willerby has been the largest manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges. Employing over 1000 people at the Head Office in Hull, the company ethos encompasses innovation and development for the leisure sector

The Challenge

Willerby has grown significantly over the past 70 years and now has a workforce of over 1000 employees. Using a traditional method of capturing their hours worked resulted in Willerby’s HR and management team spending a considerable amount of time compiling and processing timesheets, as well as countless hours carrying out the monthly payroll process.
Willerby needed a solution that fitted their brand ethos of innovation and development whilst also reducing the number of hours spent on administration time each month. Willerby was also looking for one system that could integrate Access Control, Time & Attendance, and if possible, HR, to ensure all of their employee data was held on one system, rather than in multiple places and systems.

Our Approach

Using our fully integrated Intelligent Solutions, we were able to provide Willerby with a complete solution to improve their business processes. Implementing Intelligent Time (iTime) allowed Willerby to start collating electronic time and attendance records, run weekly and monthly reports and ensure that their staff were being paid correctly. As part of the roll-out, we also installed
Intelligent Access Control, to improve and increase security at their site, and Intelligent HR, which allowed for all their employee’s personal data, training records and absence records in one system, which 
links seamlessly to iTime and iAccess.


The Impact

  • Dramatic reduction in administration time 
  • Enhanced security at the site 
  • Simplified payroll process 
  • One central system for all their employee files
  • Accurate pay for all employees

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