Leading fresh fruit and vegetable supplier Wealmoor improves workforce efficiency with our Intelligent system.

Established in 1973 Wealmoor Ltd is a leading supplier of fresh exotic fruit and speciality vegetables to UK mainstream retailers and wholesale sectors. By growing and importing high quality foods, Wealmoor has grown to become one of the biggest fruit and vegetable wholesalers in Europe and as a result, supplies its products to the UK’s top 4 supermarkets.

Due to this expertise and high performance, Wealmoor continues to shine and has achieved numerous industry awards such as ‘Produce Trader of the Year’ and  ‘Importer of the Year’ throughout 2010. With such success, Wealmoor has expanded from its Head Office in Middlesex, and now employs in excess of 700 staff over 3 different sites.

Working relationship

Experiencing continued growth the company required more factory and office space, so a second site was acquired in Greenford, Hayes. As productivity and personnel levels increased it was becoming increasingly important that employees’ working hours were accounted for across both sites.

As the site move progressed, it quickly became evident that a robust and fully integrated system was needed. The HR department required the ability to securely record and manage critical personnel information – such as staff training records, skill sets and disciplinary actions – whilst overall, site security was deemed a necessity and access control a critical requirement.

It was in 2007 that Wealmoor chose our fully integrated Intelligent Time, Intelligent HR and Intelligent Access systems to replace its Stanley Security Astrow system.

With our solution installed and rolled out to its second site, it was not long before Wealmoor and its 10 administrators started reaping the benefits of a centralised solution.

A one card solution meant staff were able to use the same card for terminals and for site access via the doors and turnstiles across both sites, and with all modules using the same SQL database, staff details only had to be input once for them to be stored in Time and Attendance, HR and Access Control. The flexibility of the software also enabled both sites to host their own unique shift patterns, working rules, pay rates, departments and cost centres.

Such a dramatic increase in results meant that the decision to expand the system further to a third site was an easy one to make. We installed over 20 Intelligent Access doors and turnstiles at the new Atherstone On-Stour site to maintain site security. Additional terminals were also installed which enabled managers – both at site level and at Head Office – to access critical data,  ready to be exported into Wealmoor’s Pegasus Payroll system.

System overview

Intelligent Time:

Intelligent Time records the working hours for over 680 employees, helping to feed directly into Pegasus Payroll. With the system spilt over 3 sites, user rights can be restricted if required, so that managers can only view staff within their department or site.

Managers also have the ability to view staff attendance and change shift patterns accordingly should production require, whilst also providing the ability to track absence data such as sicknesses and holidays. Such data is then fed directly into our Intelligent Report Wizard, providing the ability to automatically email key reports to any staff member. Additionally, this high level of automation means Fire Roll Call reports can be sent to various managers, indicating which members of staff are on or off-site.

Intelligent Access:

With Intelligent Access equipment installed on over 30 doors and turnstiles, Wealmoor can authorise, restrict and report upon all employee movements. Providing the ability to grant each employee their own access rights, the Intelligent Access module enables key zones within the site to remain locked and only opened by desired personnel. Site visitors and contractors are easily added to the system with automatic access granted to their selected areas.

Intelligent HR:

Our intuitive Intelligent HR module provides the ability to build upon the personnel data stored within Intelligent Time by recording and hosting data – from training records through to employee skill sets and appraisals logs. The HR module, which can provide data restrictions from unauthorised users, complements Intelligent Time perfectly, allowing administrators to compare HR practices against Time and Attendance outputs – such as training costs against productivity levels.

Similar to Intelligent Time, all HR data can easily be extracted and reported upon adding value to employee personnel development.


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