Smart Solutions

National Recruitment Agency Enhances Efficiency And Data Integrity With Capita Workforce Management

Client: Smart Solutions

Industry: Recruitment

Size: 5000 Employees across the UK

Existing Solution: Manual timesheets & out-dated Time & Attendance software



Smart Solutions is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent recruitment companies. Supplying flexible, variable and temporary recruitment services to a range of industries, Smart Solutions works with businesses across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, from Glasgow to the Isle of Wight.



To keep the business running smoothly, Smart Solutions has an ongoing requirement to capture employee hours against client jobs on a daily and weekly basis. At the time, Smart Solutions was using a number of systems to capture hours, pay rates, time sheets and create invoices. Despite having a dedicated Time & Attendance system, it was disparate to the other systems in place, resulting in the team re-keying the data for their employees on a weekly basis to create accurate time sheet records.
This created the need for time-consuming and admin heavy data entry, it also left the business open to human error with wrongly typed data resulting in inaccurate invoices for clients. Following a thorough review of their business processes, Smart Solutions knew that the requirements were complex and wanted to streamline as many processes as possible by reducing the number of systems being used.
It came to light that the existing system would struggle to cope with the integration requirements, so the decision was made to source a new time and attendance system. Smart Solutions engaged Capita WFM to carry out a scoping project to replace the incumbent time and attendance system and to create an efficient data-exchange mechanism.


Capita WFM’s in-house development and configuration team worked closely with Smart Solutions to create a piece of work that met the requirements of integrating clocking data with the new, in-house timesheet and invoicing software. After implementation, Smart Solutions encountered an issue with their shift patterns.
Smart Solutions operates on a Monday to Sunday weekly shift pattern, which feeds into weekly payroll and client invoicing. However, Smart Solutions had shifts running from a Sunday night to a Monday morning, which was causing issues and not pulling the data correctly to the time sheets, resulting in pay and invoicing problems.
Capita WFM’s in-house API was integrated, identifying night shifts in the system and syncing employee clocking records to the timesheet software at midday the following day, ensuring that all hours clocked were correctly allocated to the right shift, timesheet ID and pay rate.


To accurately capture the working hours, Smart Solutions has installed a selection of PAYmate, Nohmad and Accutouch Biometric clocking terminals to their client sites. The PAYmate and Nohmad terminals are a flexible solution with easy configuration and installation. The Nohmad terminal also gives the choice of biometric and button clocking, combined with GPR technology to provide a snapshot of where the user is at any given moment.
Accutouch is a biometric and card-based terminal, ensuring that only the correct employee can clock-in for a shift and job and eliminating the practice of buddy-clocking. All are easily configured and can be easily moved to new sites as and when job locations change.

We’ve dealt with Capita consultants who have been more than able to give us detailed responses to our questions. When we’ve come up with new
ideas for implementation work, Capita has used their expertise to steer us in the right direction if an idea will work, or have come up with alternative workable solutions to our queries.

Dale Parry, Director of Projects & IT, Smart Solutions


The bespoke integration with iTime has produced multiple advantages for Smart Solutions, but most notably has relinquished the need to rekey data weekly, for their flexible workforce. Timesheet signoff has become a lot slicker and additional processes ensure that Purchase Orders, timesheets & invoices are all matched in a much timelier manner than previously, resulting in one less headache for the finance team.
An additional benefit has been noticed by Smart Solutions clients. Via Smart Onsite, a client portal developed by their in-house web application team, clients can view employee timesheets and clocking data, ensuring that any discrepancies or queries around hours worked and absences can be rectified quickly and smoothly. At any given time, a client can log-in and easily see how much their staffing has cost for a day, week or on a project to date. This added level of visibility and transparency from Smart Solutions has been well received by their client base and has become something that their clients rely on. Smart Solutions now pride themselves on the integrity of the data they hold and makes a huge difference to be able to say to clients that the information provided is accurate.
Another key benefit for Smart Solutions has been the increase in efficiency; gone are the days of manual intervention to update timesheets. Since using iTime, the ambiguity around invoices and timesheet data has been removed, eliminating client queries and delays to payments.

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