Peter Brotherhood

Bespoke Engineering Firm Enhances Site Security, HSE & Data Capture With Capita Workforce Management


Providing engineering solutions for over 150 years, Peter Brotherhood combines world-class skill in design and manufacturing with real, practical experience to provide technically reliable engineering. With their expertise spanning multiple industries and with products from steam turbines to gear-boxes in more than 100 countries, Peter Brotherhood is a trusted engineering partner for numerous businesses around the globe.


Prior to their acquisition in 2015, Peter Brotherhood didn’t have a dedicated workforce management system to record hours, sickness and absences. Following the acquisition, the parent company were already using the Capita Workforce Management (WFM) system,
and a migration of the system to incorporate Peter Brotherhood seemed like a natural move. Initially, Peter Brotherhood were set up as an arm within the WFM main system but after a year the decision was made to create a stand-alone system for them.
With the company operating multiple shift patterns and a need to accurately track all the worked hours, and sickness and holidays taken, the Capita WFM time and attendance solutions provided the answers that Peter Brotherhood needed.
Peter Brotherhood also required stronger visibility and insight into the payroll process and had bespoke reports created of a weekly and monthly hours summary to ensure that their employees were paid the correct wages.

“Anyone spending more than a month on site, gets an access card. It’s incredibly helpful from a Health & Safety point of view to see who is on site at any given time.”



When the decision was taken to separate the systems to create a stand-alone instance for Peter Brotherhood, Capita WFM’s inhouse development and configuration team worked closely with Peter Brotherhood to ensure that all system requirements were
accurately captured. Peter Brotherhood also required a bespoke Fire Report to be created, generating an up to the minute report of who is on-site whenever the fire alarm off. By doing so the fire marshals can check that all employees are safely out of the buildings in the event of an


To accurately capture the working hours, Peter Brotherhood installed Maximus Time & Attendance terminals around the site. Maximus Time and Attendance terminals are state-of-the-art network appliances designed for greater flexibility of use and function, complete field upgradeability, keypad and function customisation, varied auto-ID readers, biometrics, and more.

“The support we get from Capita WFM is always very good. If we ever have a problem the engineers are straight on the server and responding quickly. That said, we’ve only contacted them a few times in the last year; and it’s a good thing that we’re not in contact very often!” 
Lyndsey Etherington-Popay, Divisional IT Manager Peter Brotherhood


The solution has also ensured that the business is always secure; all employees and contractors are given access cards, giving both the Health & Safety and Management teams clear visibility of who is on site and when. The bespoke fire report has also ensured that they know who is on-site in the unlikely event of an emergency. The HR module has recently been utilised by the team to record all employee training records. The system has made it simple to see when training records are due for renewal and has increased data security by removing the need for paper records within the office:

“Now that we have all of our employee records (including training records) within iTime it has allowed a lot of our HR data recording to become paperless which has been a huge benefit to the HR department.”
HR Manager, Peter Brotherhood

The system has created accurate and reliable data of hours worked, that has resulted in a significant time saving and reduced the need for duplicating data entry for department managers and the payroll team:

“Before we had iTime we had to utilise huge spreadsheets to record our employee hours, shifts and movements, this was heavily time intensive by the our departmental managers, now that our employees clock in and out there are no manual records to check which saves a huge amount of time.”
Payroll Manager, Peter Brotherhood

“From an IT perspective, we’ve got the system to a point where it now runs itself. We made a lot of initial changes to get the most out of it…Everyone is now in a good routine, they use the system fully and we’ve invested in good management training on how to use
their time effectively and efficiently.”
Lyndsey Etherington-Popay, Divisional IT Manager, Peter Brotherhood

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