Neutrik UK

Neutrik UK deploys sophisticated intelligent solution

Located on the Isle of Wight, Neutrik UK is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Neutrik AG, which is part of the multinational Neutrik Group.

Widely renowned as the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of audio, coaxial, power and circular connectors, Neutrik UK has in excess of 25 distributors operating across the United Kingdom and aids the Neutrik Group in supplying products in over 80 different countries.

Neutrik manufacture a wealth of different products for its array of distributors, which makes the capturing of the labour time and cost, spent on each production line important. As demand has grown for Neutrik’s products the need to accurately record and forecast employees working hours per job has intensified.

System History

neutrik-sideHaving previously used manually-operated spreadhseets to record their production data, Neutrik decided that this was simply not powerful or flexible enough to cope with their increasing business demands. To aid their growth and improve the accuracy of their Time and Attendance and Job Costing information a Workforce Management System needed to be implemented.

After speaking with a variety of potential vendors it was soon concluded that the only solution with the desired level of flexibility for Neutrik’s intricate Job Costing requirements was our Intelligent Time and Attendance and Job Costing product.

The deployment of the integrated Time and Attendance and Job Costing module quickly brought huge benefits to Neutrik. Ambitions such as electronically storing and recording employee’s holidays, sickness and absences down to the minute were now all easily attainable, something the business had struggled to maintain for the 150 employees in the past. Reporting by exception allowed senior management and line managers to be kept informed on employee lateness or sicknesses on a real time basis.

“We considered many T&A systems but our primary requirement was for a job costing module, Capita was the only firm we found on the market that had a comprehensive job costing module that met our requirements and could work with our MRP system”

Darrell White – I.C.T. Manager

It was, however, iJob Costing that resulted in the biggest return on investment for Neutrik. Employees could now change their jobs and associated working sequences at designated Clocking Terminals by scanning onto ?allocated job sheets via a handheld Barcode Scanner.

Management could now manage and review the time spent on any job or sequence, track employee movement and detail the exact amount of time that has been worked. Ready access to such detailed data resulted in a huge transformation in Neutrik’s production costing. Neutrik could now accurately budget for time, cost and percentage of job completion whilst analysing the employee performance against the company targets.

Since implementing the Intelligent product suite it has helped to maintain accurate job costing’s through continual measurement, evaluating performance of staff and production environment”

Darrell White – I.C.T. Manager

Working with our Project and Account Management departments to successfully implement the Time and Attendance and Job Costing system, Neutrik capitalised on the additional modules to cater for new office requirements. The Door Access Control solution was installed to assist with securing and restricting access to certain parts of the premises. In addition to introducing Access Control, our Card Printing module was also utilised to replace clocking fobs with company ID cards, printed with the company logo, employees photos and names, whilst allowing staff to have one card to clock in and out and access the site.

System Overview

Below is a breakdown of the products that Neutrik are currently using from our product suite:

Intelligent Time:

Accessed by system administrators and management, Intelligent Time provides real time data for
the working hours of 150 employees that attend the site. By capturing the time employees start and finish work, along with their breaks, using the Proximity Clocking Terminals, system users can extract all key Time and Attendance data within seconds. In addition to capturing employee’s working hours, Intelligent Time also provides the platform to record all holidays, sickness and absences.

Intelligent Job Costing:

Coupled with Intelligent Time, Intelligent Job Costing provides instant access for management to see how much labour time is being spent per job and job sequence. Significant time is saved for system administrators by eliminating the need of re-keying job or payroll data; Intelligent Time Costing captures all of this information at the Clocking Terminal station.

Intelligent HR:

The integrated HR module allows Neutrik to store all Time and Attendance, Job Costing and Personnel related data within the one product. Intelligent Human Resources switches the focus from Time and Attendance and Job Costing data by allowing HR specific information to be stored, such as employees training records, skill sets, appraisals and disciplines. Through the use of our intuitive  Report Wizard this HR information can be automatically emailed to any member of staff, alerting and prompting action where appropriate For instance, highlighting where qualifications such as first aid, forklift licenses or work permits are due to expire.

Access Control

Wrapping up our Workforce Management suite of products, Intelligent Access allows Neutrik to secure chosen parts of their sites. With Intelligent Access using the same card that staff clock into work with, deployment is smooth and easy whilst allowing Management to enjoy piece of mind that their site is safe and secure.


Neutrik’s requirements were sophisticated and varied but not unique. There are clear parallels between their need for a greater level of detail in their employee related data and any other organisation that is looking to increase efficiency, eliminate payroll and costing queries and improve employee morale through accurate pay and measurement.

“Its simple scalability and robust design has meant the Intelligent system is now a valuable business tool for Production, Management, Payroll and HR”.

Darrell White – I.C.T. Manager

The Intelligent Workforce Management system catered for specific requirements such as Job Costing while providing a single, integrated solution for the management of Time and Attendance, HR and Access Control. This gives Neutrik a complete view of all employee related information in one powerful, robust system that has been flexible enough to allow Neutrik to expand their use as the business partnership with us has grown.


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