ISS UK Facility Services selects Time and Attendance solution from Capita WFM

Leading UK facility management company improves human capital managment and client service using comprehensive time and attendance solution.

“Using hand biometrics at the very lowest tolerance, there is a one in twenty thousand chance that someone has the same size and shaped hand –
odds that make the chances of fraud almost impossible. Essential for ISS, but also a value adding feature for our clients, particularly where heightened
security or health and safety risks exist,”
Richard Bishop-Laggett – HR Services & Development Director

Founded in Denmark in 1901, ISS entered the UK marketplace in 1968 and is now one of the country’s largest facility services providers with revenues exceeding £700m per annum and employing over 42,000 people. ISS delivers a wide range of comprehensive and integrated services, from catering and office cleaning through to reception, help desk, delivery of internal mail, grounds maintenance, pest control, buildings maintenance and more. The company also offers bespoke packages that include specialised services. Typically, each customer has its own individual set of Service Level Agreements.
Service provision is mainly provided via directly employed ISS personnel from multi-skilled teams, dedicated professionals, or specialist divisions, like ISS Building Services, where recognised qualifications, experience and competencies are necessary.

System Details

With such diverse employee roles for many different clients, it is vital for the business that ISS manages it’s workforce effectively. The company has invested in Tru-time, the time and attendance solution from Capita, to manage ISS employees when working on client sites. An important part of the solution is also to manage ISS human resources database, recording all relevant personnel details for managers to access.

ISS first implemented the system in 2005, and is continually rolling out the system at new client sites. Increasingly ISS is adopting more of the functionality available, for instance, access control and some elements of HR. Capita is currently developing a Timesheet Data system to integrate with ISS’ payroll, so that eventually all staff time collection data will be managed by iTime.

ISS applies various different technologies according to client sites’ requirements. On large sites, it uses biometric hand scanning machines, rather than a traditional card clocking on system, since it provides a more secure, reliable form of clocking, preventing fraud.

Proactive Management of Health and Safety

With the new health and safety directives and legislation for lone workers, employers now have to ensure that they have processes in place that enable them to ensure they monitor when employees access and leave the workplace. If an ISS employee is entering a building, for example, out of normal office hours, it is important that the time that they leave the premises is recorded with some caller identification. This ensures that the employee is safeguarded should there be an accident or emergency – the employer knows that they have left the building safely or are still on-site.

Furthermore, the iTime solution can alert managers if lone workers have not clocked out according to pre-set times, either by email ?ags or SMS messages. This enables instances to be investigated, thus protecting the welfare of the employee. For ISS, it is also important to demonstrate this capability to clients. Access Control can also be timed and zoned, enabling ISS to provide additional security as well as details about who is on the client site and where they are.

Monitoring Staff Training, Skills and Permits

For ISS, another key benefit of the solution is the HR component of the system. The system provides full recording and reporting facilities for recruitment, training, appraisals, visas, work permits, and qualifcations. This feature is particularly important for ISS to pro-actively manage its workforce. 

Certain clients, for example, the Railway Network Organisations, require up to date safety training, which if lapsed can result in the worker being barred from the site. Using our solution, ‘traffc light’ ?ags are used which highlight to ISS managers expiry dates of training, visa and work permits. This enables the ISS delivery team to ensure that it’s employees are up to date with the required training and skills.

Increased Productivity, Better Service Delivery

Since implementing our solution, ISS claims improved productivity. The company now has accurate records of employees’ working hours and can proactively manage its labour budget as a result.
Having the solution has really enabled us to improve quality control of many aspects of our business. With improved management information, we
can deliver an enhanced service to our clients, by demonstrating precisely where our employees have been and what they have done,

Richard Bishop-Laggett – HR Services & Development Director


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