Graham Care Group

Graham Care Group

How We Helped Reduce Admin Time and Speed Up Payroll


The Graham Care Group owns and operates nursing homes and care suites for over 500 residents in Surrey, Kent, and Sussex.The existing nine homes together with the group’s development sites provide the potential to develop places for over 1,500 residents within the next five years.

The Problem

Operating over nine sites and employing over 700 people, Graham Care had been managing attendance and hours worked with a manual paper timesheet system. This was reliant on shift managers filling out the correct paperwork and signing off each shift. As a result, this created a hugely labour intensive system that left the business open to human error and the potential of fraudulent entries. On top of this, Graham Care wanted to reduce the amount of time it took to complete the monthly payroll process.

The Solution
Capita WFM’s Intelligent Time (iTime) solution was selected as an electronic time and attendance system for use across all of Graham Care’s sites. The system ticked all of the organisations’ boxes by providing an easy to use solution that would cut down on admin and payroll time and accurately record all hours worked by its employees.
A key feature for the team was the reporting functionality and visibility that the system gave the management team;
at any one point in the month, Graham Care could see exactly how many hours had been worked and by whom to keep on track of budgeted hours for the month.
In addition, Graham Care has recently purchased Intelligent Self Service (iSelf Service) to allow its employees the ability to request holiday and absence, swap shifts and keep track of their own worked hours and pay-rates, enhancing employee empowerments and engagement across the business.

We loved the transparency of the system… It has taken the tedium out of payroll and
given us more control of our rota and the hours being worked

Trisha Raisbeck, Group Administration Coordinator

The Benefits

  • Payroll reduced from two days to under 3 hours in some instances
  •  Reduced admin time 
  • Enhanced accuracy of data
  • Greater (and easier) reporting capabilities
  • Reduced chance of fraudulent activity
  • Improved employee engagement & empowerment.


Download the full case study here