Excelcare is a leading social care company which has been providing high quality social care services for over twenty three years.

It owns and operates 33 homes with a further 5 custom designed homes currently under construction. There are around 2,500 employees and much of the success of Excelcare has been down to the excellent relationships that have been fostered with the staff over the years. Although there has been dramatic growth of the company, staff retention has been remarkably high.

The problem

Initially Excelcare operated a manual Time and Attendance system which relied on staff signing time-sheets on arrival and departure. Management then collated the hours accrued for payroll, manually creating work rotas and managing the shift changes, holidays, absences and anomalies that arise in any such business. This was time-consuming, costly and far from accurate.

It was decided that these procedures needed to be automated and as a result, a commercial packaged solution was found and installed as a pilot. Although there were some benefits gained from the trial, it became clear that a level of customisation was needed to meet the demands of Excelcare and the staff had to be completely comfortable with the operation for it to be a success. That was not the case. The clocking in terminals were unreliable and were not liked by the staff and the system did not mirror the Excelcare way of doing things.

So they came to Capita WFM..

The Intelligent solution

After an exhaustive search we were selected for a 6 month trial. A full system specification was provided based on the particular requirements of Excelcare, and the system was then configured by us to reflect those demands. We also provided a full time Project Manager with the responsibility of overseeing the complete project. The results were so dramatic that an agreement was made to have a phased roll-out across all 33 homes within 18 months.


Payroll processing times have been reduced by 7 days – with 10 days anticipated in the near future. Intelligent Time automatically links to Sage Payroll and SAP for financial reporting, and we created bespoke management reports that provide management with access to up-to-the-minute information to assist decision making.

The rota management system provides early warnings of any potential staffing shortages or other shift anomalies and has reduced the need for agency staff, as well as minimised operating inefficiencies. Additionally, clear copies of all records for CQC inspection are retained by the system.

Excelcare also decided to include our integrated HR module which has greatly improved the ease with which staff records are stored and accessed. Finger geometry terminals are used for clocking in and out, providing a reliable, easy to use solution that has been happily accepted by the staff.

“Adoption by staff with little previous computing experience has been very successful.

“This system provides a more consistent approach for all staff. One advantage is that they can now book holidays much further into the future.

“The beauty of the Intelligent Time product is that it can mimic the manual operating procedures in an electronic format. It is a very flexible system which can be configured to our specific requirements, is user-friendly towards non IT professionals and has the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the business as we grow.”

Osa, Project Manager at Excelcare 


Download the full case study here