Denys E Head Ltd

How we helped streamline and automate operations

With horticultural origins, Denys E Head Ltd was established in the 1950’s, later opening the Forest Lodge Garden Centre in 1981. In 1991 this was expanded to include Garden Style, a specialist plant nursery. The company moved into the leisure industry in 1996 with the acquisition of Birdworld, a leading family leisure park hosting over 110,000 visitors a year.

The Problem

Having successfully grown the business, Denys E Head Ltd required an automated Time & Attendance (T&A) system. Employing over 100 people at the time, an increasing amount of time was being spent processing paper time sheets which left the business open to error and additional costs. The top priority was for the system to calculate employees core hours and any overtime entitlements, which was putting a huge strain on the payroll department. The next priority was to create accurate reports, which was also incredibly time-consuming.


The Solution

iTime was installed to provide an electronic T&A solution for the business. Rolled out across the four businesses, iTime was configured to incorporate them all in the same central system, whilst
still listed as individual divisions to make it easier for the system administrators. To capture employees hours, six proximity terminals were installed throughout the sites. Employees were allocated ID cards which could be used at any of the clocking terminals to identify themselves. 

The terminals were also configured to allow employees to change cost centres throughout the working day when they were assigned to new projects. This allowed the management team to
accurately report on the time and money spent on each project in the business. Now with over 200 employees, Denys E Head Ltd has been able to accommodate the increase in iTime by simply assigning the new employees to a division within the system.

The benefts of Intelligent Time have been considerable. We were able to eliminate the manual transcription and calculation of data to calculate hours worked and overtime hours worked. We could use the reporting system to generate absence reports and to monitor and report on flexible working patterns.
Terry Medway (Financial Controller),  Denys E Head Ltd 

The Benefits 

  • Greater accuracy of hours worked
  •  Money saved via reduced overpayments to employees
  • Simple overtime calculations
  • Improved efficiency for payroll processing
  • Easier shift planning and rota creation.
  • Improved visibility & reporting for management team

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