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How activity tracking has improved visibility and commercial processes for broadcast integrations


dB Broadcast is the UK’s largest independent system integrator for traditional and IP-based broadcast systems. Working with some of the UK’s largest broadcasting providers including the BBC, Bloomberg & Discovery, dB Broadcast has a team of highly skilled engineers that provide consultancy, project management, design and commissioning services for the biggest system integration projects in the industry.


dB Broadcast was utilising manual processes to record all of their project costing information – from recording the hours worked on projects on paper timesheets, to administrators re-keying data in multiple systems and having a huge lag between the project concluding and carrying out the appropriate reporting and invoicing. This was not only hugely time-consuming and mundane work, but it was slowing down business processes and financial decision making as a result.
The company’s year on year growth and increase in personnel meant that collecting and processing paper timesheets was taking longer. With over 150 personnel, including agency and freelance personnel, working on a large site across multiple floors and areas, it was extremely difficult for Site Managers to verify the accuracy of the paper timesheets and therefore, a lot of time was spent reconciling these timesheets against visitor books
and verbal testimonies, which was extremely inefficient. Furthermore, it was a huge administrative task to ensure timesheets of all personnel were completed on a timely basis, approved and manually input into the Company’s business systems within a time frame that was suitable for management reporting and decision making.

“We provide services at our client sites, which are typically large broadcast facilities across multiple floors and areas. Prior to the implementation of the Capita system, a manual daily ‘roll-call’ was needed to verify personnel numbers. We are now able to utilise the real-time data from the software to establish personnel numbers, for daily work planning schedules, in a quick and efficient way.”

Ross Amory. Finance Director
dB Broadcast



To improve the business processes, dB Broadcast implemented the Capita Workforce Management solution, incorporating Time & Attendance, Mobile App, Self Service, HR and Job Costing. Rather than wasting hours chasing for timesheets, dB Broadcast now has biometric terminals to record the time of everyone based in the head office and larger-scale sites, and a mobile app for those working remotely.

Job Costing played a big part of the system requirements; with up to 250 employees working on multiple projects across the country, dB Broadcast needed visibility of what tasks were being completed to accurately forecast future elements of a project and schedule the right number of people to a job. In order to help achieve this for the remote workers, a piece of bespoke development and configuration was carried out within the Self Service module to allow employees to change tasks and activities within the Self Service portal. This has allowed employees to not only clock via their smartphones, but also keep a track of what, and where, they are working.


To accurately capture the working hours, dB Broadcast has installed Accutouch Biometric Time & Attendance terminals around their sites. The Biometric element has now eliminated the Buddy Clocking that the business was experiencing and the reliability of the terminals ensures that clocking records are captured even during a power cut.

“Job Costing has brought huge benefits to us. The real-time information means we’re no longer chasing our freelance and agency workers.
We were reactive to situations but we’re now proactive and can make instant decisions from what we’re seeing in the system.”



dB Broadcast has experienced the benefits of a workforce management system from the get-go. The Job Costing module has provided impressive results and has allowed the business to change some of its commercial processes. The visibility and reporting that job costing provides has resulted in dB Broadcast implementing invoices based on time and materials that projects have utilised.

“The output we get from the system is fantastic. We can now provide project monitoring reports to some of our biggest clients.”

In the past, it could take upwards of two weeks to collate time sheets from all the employees, then it would take the administration team a considerable amount of time to manually enter the data, and then more time to pull together all the reporting data to analyse a project. Now, the team at dB Broadcast can simply run predefined reports in the WFM system, allowing them to become much more proactive rather than being reactive. The real-time data collection and visibility means that managers that quickly make better-informed decisions, eliminating lengthy analysis and overspending by the business before it was too late.
In addition, the HR module has provided dB Broadcast with greater control and security of their personnel records, with all information and records stored centrally within the WFM system.

“We’ve been able to expand our commercial offering to our clients to include project financial risk sharing as a direct result of  implementing the Capita solution through the reporting of real-time clocking & activity records by project.”


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