Capricorn Automotive

Capricorn Automotive

Founded in the UK in 1988, Capricorn Automotive is part of the Capricorn Group that operates in multiple countries spanning across Europe. As the industry’s reference and first choice of designers and engine builders across the globe, the UK branch has experienced rapid growth and product diversification since its formation.

Located in Hampshire, Capricorn Automotive’s product range has grown rapidly over the years from gun drilling and honing and specialist engine liners for the Formula 1 market, through to nickel-ceramic coating of liners and cylinder blocks.

System history

Having thoroughly established itself as a market-leader since its UK birth in 1988, coupled with the impressive product growth, it was deemed necessary for the company’s attendance tracking requirements to be reviewed and improved upon.

Having used an old, dated clock card system since the launch of the company, it was felt that with the continued planned growth the business was expecting, a new Time and Attendance solution was essential.

After reviewing the company’s needs and future requirements, it was deemed that a new system must help reduce the ever spiraling payroll processing times, whilst capturing real-time accurate data that could then be used for reporting and forecasting on employees’ working hours across the business.

In 2008 Capricorn Automotive went to market in an attempt to find the required solution.

After an extensive selection process it was our integrated Intelligent Time, HR and Access system that was purchased for the site’s 50 staff. As we had the ability to provide a powerful and intuitive system with the flexibility to meet Capricorn’s precise requirements, the decision was an easy one to make.

“We needed a system to help reduce the increasing time that was required to carry out various administration tasks of our staff. The system itself had to be easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate all of our (then) current needs and future requirements. Capita managed to provide exactly what was required and as a result we have now saved 40% on the time previously being spent on payroll processing.”

Kim Harper, Finance Manager, Capricorn Automotive

A year after purchasing and implementing the system Capricorn expanded its operations by moving into a larger site at its current Basingstoke location. With Intelligent Time an essential part of the organisation’s culture, it was determined that now was the time to expand its use through the purchase of additional hardware and software services.

As a result, an Ethernet Proximity Clocking terminal was purchased to help capture the staff’s working hours, whilst on-site security into the factory area was tightened through the installation of Proximity Access Control on two doors – thus providing the staff with a one-card-fits-all solution.

The software side of the system was also rolled out to line managers – which we provided a full day of bespoke training on – enabling each to actively manage and monitor working hours and performance.

“The after sales and support service provided by Capita has been very good. When we moved our company to its new site, we increased the amount of Time and Attendance and Door Access Control hardware. This was a painless and smooth changeover process provided by Capita.”

Kim Harper Finance Manager

System overview

Capricorn Automotive currently uses three products within our portfolio:

Intelligent Time:

Administrated by two members of the HR department, Intelligent Time is used to accurately capture the working hours of the 50 factory floor staff that are currently employed.

Intelligent Time accommodates all of the working practices required by Capricorn, with the data then captured and made available within our Intelligent Reporting Suite, of which over 250 reports are extractable.

Intelligent Human Resources:

The sophisticated Intelligent HR system is used by Capricorn to store all employees’ skill sets, appraisals, disciplines and PPE whilst providing a training matrix for each employee to be recorded upon.

The visual reminders and alerts allow the system users to quickly and easily re-book staff onto any required courses or take the required action once a review date has been activated. All HR data and records are available within the Reporting Suite where scheduled reports can be set up and emailed out to managers at certain dates to provide them with the required HR data.

Intelligent Access:

With innovative and market-leading production occurring on-site it is essential that certain areas of the premises remain safe and secure from unauthorised absence.

With the ability to restrict access rights down to employee by employee level, Capricorn can not only boast a highly secure working environment, but can also store, record and view movement activities within the same Time and Attendance and HR system.

Through the use of leading technology the employees can use the same card to clock in at the clocking terminals as they can on any Access Controlled door. Site visitors and contractors are also easily stored within the Access Control system.

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