Access Control systems

Time and attendance system using an access control swipe cardSecure your workplace and protect your assets.

We design the most intuitive, user-friendly software, integrated with the world’s most robust and reliable hardware to provide world class access control. From a stand-alone solution for a single door, through to a fully integrated solution consisting of multiple doors, turnstiles, CCTV or intercoms,  we provide expert industry advice and cost-effective proposals.

Intelligent Access is an entirely web-based product providing companies with real-time information and control over all on-site movement (including employees, visitors and contractors). Utilising control devices such as doors, gates, car park barriers, half and full height turnstiles, companies can improve security and restrict movement easily.

Intelligent Access is compatible with any Access Control hardware, from any manufacturer and in any language – a major advantage if you have existing Access Control hardware or specific requirements for hardware sourced from a particular company.

Access control hardware

Flexible software

Visually, Intelligent Access displays a person’s location and movement history throughout the day, enabling managers to easily keep track of their staff and work patterns.

Centrally, managers can define access levels that govern the time and date a person can gain entry to a zone i.e. building, floor or room. Any door registered on the system can be remotely opened or closed by a security guard or manager, and integrated to CCTV, the software can look in real-time at an area of the business under control. Additionally, all doors are installed to the necessary DDA requirements.

Access Control Software

Extensive hardware

We offer a selection of robust and reliable hardware to provide Access Control solutions.

We are able to provide many different types of hardware to suit your requirements, which can be supplied on a stand-alone basis, to integrate with your existing infrastructure, or as part of an Intelligent Access solution.

We provide car park barriers, full and half height turnstiles and an extensive range of locks, including; Magnetic or Mag, Abloy, Electric Strike and Sheer locks.

Powerful reporting

Intelligent Reports provides companies with real-time information on a variety of requirements, including:-

  • Movement analysis
  • Staff on-site totals
  • Fire reports
  • Doors forced
  • Alarm inputs
  • Communications outages i.e. door down
  • Unauthorised access attempts
  • Tailgating statistics
  • Anti-Pass Back alerts and attempts

Access Control software downloads

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