Capita WFM Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships at Capita WFM provide an ideal blend of work and study; giving you new challenges in a real, successful workplace while developing your confidence and abilities.

You might be surprised by just how rewarding it is and how far an apprenticeship can take you.

Starting an apprenticeship allows you to earn while you learn, getting the best of both employment and education. You’ll gain valuable on-the-job knowledge while still taking home a monthly paycheque.

We’ve run a successful apprenticeship scheme for the past ten years, with the majority of our apprentices becoming permanent members of the team after completing the programme.

Initially starting with the Support department, the scheme has now been rolled out across the company, with apprentices joining the Sales, Projects and Infrastructure teams.

Cirencester College

We’re proud to work with Cirencester College to deliver our apprenticeships and have done for a number of years. Their apprenticeship team assists us in recruiting the best apprentices and helping our apprentices to achieve their outcomes.

As the training provider for our apprenticeship, Cirencester College works in partnership with both our apprentices and the Capita WFM team to ensure that all our apprentices:

  • Are fully supported to become a success in their job role
  • Have all the relevant on and off-the-job training required
  • Develop the relevant technical, and wider skills to start their career with Capita WFM
  • Receive regular, high quality and effective training and coaching sessions from the college
  • Have regular reviews with us and your line manager to celebrate achievements, monitor progress and action plan

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

An apprenticeship is a training programme designed to give you the skills needed for your chosen career. You will be in full-time employment whilst obtaining a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships combine practical training and classroom learning. As a Capita Apprentice you will:

  • Work alongside experienced staff
  • Gain job-specific skills
  • Earn a wage and paid holidays
  • Study towards a related qualification

All apprenticeship programmes have to be a minimum of 12 months, some are longer depending on the technical content.

With the current demand for careers there has never been a better time to gain skills to help you on your way. During the programme, you will work towards your qualification and gain invaluable experience in the working world. A number of benefits include:

  • Earning a salary
  • Gaining a nationally recognised qualification
  • Hands-on, practical training
  • Paid holidays
  • Experienced mentors
  • Career progression

Our apprenticeship scheme lasts for a minimum of 12 months, during which you will receive valuable on-the-job training in the selected role you applied for – from Support and Infrastructure to Sales, Marketing and Projects. You will also receive relevant off the job training and support from our training provider

We now deliver the new apprenticeship standards which focus on developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to be a success in your chosen field.  We offer apprenticeships at Level 3 (advanced) and Level 4 (higher).  In order to complete your apprenticeship programme, if you have not already achieved a Grade 4 in your GCSE Maths and English, then you will be supported to achieve an equivalent qualification (Functional Skills) by our training provider. The final assessment to complete your apprenticeship, is an End Point Assessment conducted by a registered End Point Assessment Centre.

Depending on the role you choose, you can develop your knowledge and skill set within a variety of areas across the business – from installations and software coding to providing effective technical support to our customers. The aim of our apprenticeship programme is to ensure all our apprentices receive a range of experience – if you’re unsure of which career is right for you, we will give you the opportunity to work across all areas of our business in order to help you decide which path you’d like to take.

This depends on your role, although we can provide free lunches and travel to/from work to help supplement your apprenticeship wage if needed.

Our apprenticeship success stories

Grant, a Support Engineer Apprentice at Capita WFMGrant – Senior Support Analyst

I chose to join the apprentice programme as I felt, personally, it was the best alternative to further education. Since beginning the programme, I’ve found being able to learn in a hands-on working environment is a lot more effective and enjoyable for me. The Capita Apprenticeship scheme has not only allowed me to gain confidence, but it’s also provided me with the skills I need to develop my career through real-life experience – something I would not necessarily have had access to had I gone down the traditional route of college and university. Overall, joining Capita as an apprentice has really provided me with a lot of freedom to try different roles and responsibilities within the business – rather than being hired as a full-time employee for a specific role, or being in full-time education.  

Alicia, a project management apprentice at Capita WFMAlicia – Junior Project Manager

I chose to join the Capita Apprenticeship programme because I liked the idea of getting support whilst gaining experience in a real workplace. I also liked the fact that I could earn a wage. Although the apprenticeship wage is initially low, the experience and training that I’ve received has been very high. Essentially, this looks great on my CV and in turn, will help me to further my experience in a working environment. At Capita WFM, you never feel alone as there are always people around to help you if you need assistance or something new to do.  


Jordan, a Support Engineer apprentice at Capita WFM

Jordan – Premium Support Engineer

I decided to join Capita WFM as an apprentice after leaving college, as I benefit from hands-on experience rather than traditional classroom-based learning. I have gained a wide range of knowledge I did not have before. I’ve learnt new skills by doing various tasks and having professionals from across the business help show me how to fix problems initially helped me learn. The apprenticeship has helped me gain confidence when speaking to customers and colleagues while helping them resolve issues, that I don’t feel I’d have gained from going to university. I have since moved to the premium support team helping resolve our largest customer’s issues, whilst this can be very challenging, it’s also very rewarding knowing I have resolved a complex problem. View our Photo Gallery